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Renew Rebuild - A Capital Campaign to rebuild our Chapel

Renew Rebuild - A Capital Campaign to rebuild our Chapel

Would you be willing to support our efforts to rebuild our chapel?

Would you like to make a pledge of financial support today?

Through a pledge of financial support (or promise to give) you provide us with the ability to start the work of building our chapel sooner by ensuring that we will have the necessary funding over the next year.

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January 10, 2022

With the example above, a total pledge of $1,200 would be billed to you at $100 each month for 12 months starting on January 10, 2022 and ending on December 10, 2022. **The billing reminders may increase or decrease if you skip months or pay extra.

You are at liberty to pay off your pledge early, if you so choose.

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About Youth Town and the reason our chapel is so important.

Youth Town of Tennessee offers professional residential treatment services for co-occurring mental health disorders. We seek irreversible life-change in adolescents through adventure-based, gender-responsive, empirically informed, family-focused, and thoroughly Christ-centered services. 

Through our three-step process of “Call, Come, Change,” we have helped hundreds of residents free themselves from the chains of addiction. We believe that placing the tools of recovery in the hands of teens and drug-free living are essential to what we do, but is our identity in Christ – His power and unconditional love – which drive who we are. Sober living is an immediate goal, but salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ is an opportunity for a child to step into eternity. 

Unfortunately, last year our Jericho campus experienced severe storms, along with stream-lined winds, causing trees to fall on and destroy our chapel. 

This campaign will ensure that we can build a new chapel and multi-purpose space. This space will be used by our residents to learn about Jesus Christ, hear from speakers, and more. It will also provide us with opportunities to host weddings, conferences, and other outside events. 

We thank you for supporting this important part of the Youth Town identity. 


About Youth Town

In addition to visiting our main website at you can also get to know more about what we do at Youth Town (and share with you friends) with this brochure.

Pledge / Donation Form

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